Easily Solve Your Electrical Issue in 30 Minutes or Less for a Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional Electrician

Gain access to highly-qualified professionals over a video-call to diagnose and solve all your electrical issues.

  Stop wasting money on expensive service calls
  Repair own electrical issues in 30 minutes or less*
  No face to face contact with electricians
  A specialized team of trusted professionals ready to help




Fix your Electrical Problems with the help of the Virtual Electrician
Electrical Safety Checklist Book

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Ever Hired an Electrician and Thought…I Could Have Done that Myself’?

Need to fix something electrical around the house or looking to install something new?

…But you don’t want to wait around all day for an electrician to show up, only to find that it was a 5 minute fix you could safely do yourself?

And even worse, when they finish you know they’re going to hand you a bill so large it makes your eyes water.

If you’ve ever answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then The Virtual Electrician (TVE) is for you….

  Do you have an electrical job you need to do, like addressing faulty outlets and switches or sensitive circuit breakers (or any other common electrical issue)?
  Have you ever had an issue that needs fixing but didn’t want to pay an electrician hundreds of dollars for a 5 minute job?
  Do you hate taking a whole day off work to end up just waiting around for an electrician to arrive?
  Do you know you can get the job done yourself, if you just had a few pointers to get you started? (HINT: you absolutely can)

Then book a call with our team of master electricians at a time that suits you, and you could have a no-fuss fix just like that!


TVE is a Master Electrician in the Palm of Your Hand…

Watch as a highly-qualified master electrician shows you exactly what to do to get your electrical devices working again or install brand new appliances. The Virtual Electrician combines all the cost-savings of the DIY approach with the convenience of completing the work at a time that suits you.

It’s the ultimate hybrid model.

That’s why The Virtual Electrician is a better, cheaper alternative to calling out a local electrician to visit your home in-person.

The Virtual Electrician
  • Most problems solved in under 30 minute
  • No call-out charges
  • Book a time that suits you
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Gain useful, reusable skills and knowledge
  • No face-to-face contact maintains social distancing
  • Work in the comfort of your own home


(TVE Call must be paid for prior to meeting with Electrician, $79 for a call up to 30 mins, then $2 per minute thereafter. *Most calls take less than 30 minutes.)

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Electrical DIY How To's
  • Have to charge you for time travelling, and for the work, even for a 5 minute job
  • Large call-out charges, even for quick fixes
  • You have to fit in with their schedule
  • No visibility or knowledge of what they’ve done to fix the electrical problem
  • Have to call another electrician if problem reoccurs
  • Hard to maintain social distancing with a service person who visits multiple homes per day


(Average cost according to Home Advisor)

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DIY Electrical

The Cheapest, Quickest and Most Convenient
Way to Troubleshoot and Fix any Electrical Issue

Our master electricians will swiftly diagnose your issue and walk you through how to fix it with step-by-step instructions, guiding you every step of the way.

  Easy-To-Use Online Booking System

No more taking time off work and waiting around for an electrician. Take back control of your own schedule and book your appointment at a time that suits you.

  Online Video Streaming

No fiddly apps to download or software to install. Just click the link in the text message we’ll send you before the call and you’ll be put through to one of our master electricians using your phone’s video functionality.

  Highly-Qualified Experts

Our electricians have years of experience, and have been thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure they can communicate effectively, patiently to guide customers and diagnose and fix issues quickly.

  99% of Common Electrical Issues Fixed

Our master electricians are experts in their field with decades of experience. They’ll troubleshoot your issue quickly and give you clear, safe, easy-to-follow instructions to get the job done.

  Cheaper Than An Electrician

Our service is so cost-effective because we don’t have to charge large callout fees like other electricians. Without having to charge travel and being able to see more customers each day, we’re able to keep our prices low.

  Video Calls Recorded

Want to watch the call back later? We’ll send you the recording so you can re-watch it and use it to fix other issues in your property anytime in the future.

How does The Virtual Electrician work?

The Virtual Electrician

Schedule You Call

Book a date and time that suites you



The Virtual Electrician
State Your Issue

Describe the Problem

you’ve been having or the electrical issue you’d like to discuss and we will provide you with a list of the tools (if any are needed) to purchase

The Virtual Electrician
Book Your Time Slot

We will text you a link

that will open up our streaming software, which will use your mobile phone’s video camera to show our electrician the issue or area

The Virtual Electrician
Become Our Eyes

Follow the master Electrician’s instructions to complete the fix


The Virtual Electrician
Review Your Recording

We’ll send you the recording after the call



That’s it! Are you ready to solve your electrical issue at a fraction of the cost? Then book your call with TVE’s expert team of trusted licensed electricians.

The Virtual Electrician Free Electrical Safety Checklist

About The Virtual Electrician…

We’re a team of highly-qualified electricians who have held master certifications (the highest qualification an electrician can earn) in three states and spent almost 30 years owning and running a ‘traditional’ electrical contracting firm.

We’re proud to have provided excellent service to thousands of homeowners in our local area by diagnosing and repairing issues like faulty circuit breakers, old wiring and electrical surges, but we always wondered if there was a way we could have a bigger impact. A way we could help people all over the country not just in our local area…

…and now we’ve done it using a method that seemed almost unthinkable to us when we were first setting out on our careers… we’ve gone VIRTUAL!

Now with the help of our revolutionary streaming technology and your phone’s video function, we can guide you step-by-step to fix the problem yourself. It’s like we’re really there with you, telling you exactly what to do next from just over your shoulder.

The Virtual Electrician Accreditations

Meet Your Virtual Electrician Team Members

Our team of highly-qualified electricians have extensive experience, great communication skills and a fantastic ability to clearly explain their knowledge to you, so you can have your problem solved within minutes.

Mike Bickimer


Master Electrician

Jeremy The Virtual Electrician


Lead Electrician

Derek The Virtual Electrician


Lead Electrician

National Electric Code – Kitchen Wiring

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW National Electric Code - Kitchen WiringWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW National Electric Code - Kitchen Wiring Get up to code electrically with your kitchen wiring. Learn how to space your GFCI protected outlets correctly. Learn what dedicated circuits you...

Troy Wolf

I needed help with a dimmer switch installation. I was able to talk almost immediately with an electrician who was friendly and knew his stuff! The TVE app let us talk and share my phone's video camera to show what I was working on. He was able to draw on his screen...

Professional, Informative & Cost Effective

The Virtual Electrician was an absolute riviting experience and gave me so much confidence to accomplish my task at hand without actually having the professional here.  - Johnny Dermot 

Check Out Our Extensive DIY Video Library

Introduction to The Virtual Electrician

TVE takes a DIY approach to solve your electrical problems. You can either sign up for our video packages, video packages plus live chat with virtual electrician, or schedule a virtual service call!

TVE was started by a master electrician who specializes in troubleshooting any residential electrical problem. Our team is so skilled that we can virtually walk you through most electrical problems in 30 minutes or less.

In the rare occasion we can not help you with your electrical problem or it requires an electrical permit with a licensed professional performing the work, your call will go toward the cost of an in person service call.


Can’t find what you are looking for?  REQUEST A VIDEO YOU NEED 

The ‘Essentials’ DIY Series

[Best For Casual DIYers and One-Off Projects]

If you’re looking for free advice or tutorials you can watch to help you solve existing problems or complete new installations, check out our library of more than 150 videos, which are completely free to watch.

The ‘Ultimate DIY’ Subscription

[Best For Long-Term Renovation Projects & House Flippers]

If you’re looking for free advice or tutorials you can watch to help you solve existing problems or complete new installations, check out our library of more than 150 videos, which are completely free to watch.


Frequently Asked Questions…

What Electrical Issues Can You Help Me With?

Our virtual electricians can help you diagnose and help you fix the vast majority of electrical issues in the home.

Please note that we’re not able to offer guidance on Meter Can or Mast work as these will require your licensed electrician pulling a permit with the city.

Not sure if we cover your particular problem? Just click this link and speak to one of our team members using our online chat option and we’ll tell you whether or not we’ll be able to help!

Chat with an Online Expert

Can You Help Me Install an Electrical Device?

Yes, as well as problems, we’re also able to help guide you to install new electrical devices correctly and safely.

Here are some of the most common installations we help our customers with:

  • Installation & Replacement of outlets and GFCIs
  • Installation & Replacement of switches
  • Hanging Fixtures
  • Hanging Ceiling Fans
  • Adding a circuit to your electrical panel
  • Providing answers to electrical code and safety concerns

Is it Safe to do Electrical Work by Myself?

Yes, our recommendations carry zero safety risks. We carry out a comprehensive safety check at the beginning of every call to give you complete peace of mind.

What Tools Will I Need for the Job?

Most electrical issues can be fixed with the normal tools you have lying around the house. You should make sure that you have at least a screwdriver and a presence tester ready to use. We’ll let you know which tools you need when you describe your problem on our booking form.

How Do I Book My Video Call?

Just head over to the booking page and select the date and time that works for you. We’ll email you to confirm and send you all the details.

How Long Does The Virtual Electrician Process Take?

We help you to find a fix in less than 30 minutes, on average.

How Much Does The Virtual Electrician Cost?

Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Click Here to visit the Pricing Page

Are There Any Issues Your Electricians Won't be Able to Help me Out With?

Occasionally there will be cases where the city requires certain issues to be fixed by a licensed electrician as homeowners aren’t permitted to. In these rare cases we guarantee to get you to the point of diagnosis, so you can give the electrician all the information they need to fix the issue swiftly.

Will You be Able to Help me With Electrical Codes?

Yes, if you’re not sure which code applies or whether you’re meeting the appropriate regulations then we’ll give you an expert opinion, let you know if you’re in clear violation and advise you how you can meet the relevant health and safety codes.

Do I Get my Money Back if Your Electrician Can't Resolve My Issue?

In some cases there will times where you need a licensed electrician to perform the work requested. In those cases we will schedule an electrician to come out and fix the problem. The ($79) fee for The Virtual Electrician will be deducted from the service call. There will be no refunds and the electrician used must be selected by TVE.

Ready to Solve Your Electrical Problem for a Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional Electrician?

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