Introduction to The Virtual Electrician


TVE Introduction

Welcome to TVE. TVE stands for The Virtual Electrician. TVE is a video-call service that helps you fix any electrical problem in 30 minutes or less using just your phone.

If you are a homeowner or a DIYer than TVE is perfect for you. You can safely perform all the work a master electrician can do by following our step by step instructions on the call. We offer this service for pennies on the dollar compared to an in person electrical service call.
And what’s more, almost all electrical issues in the home don’t actually require an intensive apprenticeship or time-consuming degree to fix.
Diagnosing why your electrical devices aren’t working, installing and replacing switches, adding a circuit to your electrical panel, and many other things that might sound complicated at first… you can do it all!

But some people are reluctant to try because they’re worried about safety. No-one wants to make a mistake when it comes to electricity!
And so, most people choose to call an electrician instead…

The truth is that all of the electrical jobs we can help you with carry zero safety risks. They’re 100% safe and before we get started, we’ll even do a comprehensive safety check to give you complete peace of mind.

I’ve been a master electrician for a long time, we see the same issues over and over again. I’ve always been able to know exactly what the problem is before even seeing it. I’ve always wanted to create a service that allows me to virtually help you fix the electrical problem. The technology was never there for this to happen…until now.

We using a streaming platform that enables us to use pointers, draw arrows, and take screenshots to look up items. We record the video call and send it you afterwards so you can always go back and look at it.

We realised that if we gave you an easy way to access the knowledge of a master electrician, you could fix the problem quickly and cheaply with your own two hands and have the knowledge to fix it yourself if it happens again in the future. Even people with no previous electrical or DIY experience are able to save a massive amount of money and time.

It puts an end to taking time off work to wait around all day for an expensive electrician to show up.

No more fumbling with out-of-date electrical manuals as you take a DIY approach…

No more searching on online forums to find an answer that’s even vaguely related to your problem…

With just a flick of the switch and a call on your mobile device, we can help you fix your electrical issue within minutes.

Don’t forget, your safety is always our priority, and as we can see exactly what you’re doing, we’re able to guide you with complete confidence and care at every step of the way.

Plus we’re able to solve the vast majority of issues within 30 minutes, meaning you pay just $79…that’s a massive saving compared to the average cost of an electrician!

So if you want to save a ton of time, money and energy waiting around for an electrician to show up and instead learn how to fix things safely in your home yourself, then head over to our booking page now to select your time, and we can’t wait to hop on a call and help you fix your electrical issue in record time.


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