Frequently Asked Questions…

What Electrical Issues Can You Help Me With?

Our virtual electricians can help you diagnose and help you fix the vast majority of electrical issues in the home.

Please note that we’re not able to offer guidance on Meter Can or Mast work as these will require your licensed electrician pulling a permit with the city.

Not sure if we cover your particular problem? Just click this link and speak to one of our team members using our online chat option and we’ll tell you whether or not we’ll be able to help!

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Can You Help Me Install an Electrical Device?

Yes, as well as problems, we’re also able to help guide you to install new electrical devices correctly and safely.

Here are some of the most common installations we help our customers with:

  • Installation & Replacement of outlets and GFCIs
  • Installation & Replacement of switches
  • Hanging Fixtures
  • Hanging Ceiling Fans
  • Adding a circuit to your electrical panel
  • Providing answers to electrical code and safety concerns

Is it Safe to do Electrical Work by Myself?

Yes, our recommendations carry zero safety risks. We carry out a comprehensive safety check at the beginning of every call to give you complete peace of mind.

What Tools Will I Need for the Job?

Most electrical issues can be fixed with the normal tools you have lying around the house. You should make sure that you have at least a screwdriver and a presence tester ready to use. We’ll let you know which tools you need when you describe your problem on our booking form.

How Do I Book My Video Call?

Just head over to the booking page and select the date and time that works for you. We’ll email you to confirm and send you all the details.

How Long Does The Virtual Electrician Process Take?

We help you to find a fix in less than 30 minutes, on average.

How Much Does The Virtual Electrician Cost?

Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Click Here to visit the Pricing Page

Are There Any Issues Your Electricians Won't be Able to Help me Out With?

Occasionally there will be cases where the city requires certain issues to be fixed by a licensed electrician as homeowners aren’t permitted to. In these rare cases we guarantee to get you to the point of diagnosis, so you can give the electrician all the information they need to fix the issue swiftly.

Will You be Able to Help me With Electrical Codes?

Yes, if you’re not sure which code applies or whether you’re meeting the appropriate regulations then we’ll give you an expert opinion, let you know if you’re in clear violation and advise you how you can meet the relevant health and safety codes.

Do I Get my Money Back if Your Electrician Can't Resolve My Issue?

In some cases there will times where you need a licensed electrician to perform the work requested. In those cases we will schedule an electrician to come out and fix the problem. The ($79) fee for The Virtual Electrician will be deducted from the service call. There will be no refunds and the electrician used must be selected by TVE.