How Does The Virtual Electrician Work


How The Virtual Electrician Works

The virtual electrician was created to give you that extra help you may want for your electrical needs.

Head on over to our video page and select our video package for access to every video we have ever made. Or sign up for our a la cart package. You get every video we have ever made plus you get private messaging services with our virtual electricians.

And of course, if you know you will need help, sign up to use our virtual electrician services.

The virtual electrician service is really easy to do. You just schedule a time when you are ready to work on your electrical project or problem. You will receive an email with a short questionnaire. After filling out the questionnaire you will receive an email telling you what tools (if any) you will need to fix your problem. You will receive a text message at the time you chose for your virtual electrician. The text message you receive will be a link that connects you to our streaming platform. The app will ask your permission to use your microphone and camera.

During the call we will be able to direct you where to point the camera at using a pointer you can see on your screen. We can also take screenshots and circle areas of concern. We will be able to give you step by step instructions on how to safely fix your electrical issue. After the call we will send you a link of the recorded call so you can look back at it if you want.


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