How to Wire a Light Switch


How to Wire a Light Switch

In this video, we are talking about installing a regular light switch that you can only turn on from one location. We have other videos about threeway and fourway light switches if that is what you need help with. First, you want to turn the circuit breaker off that is controlling the switch. Next, you want to remove the old switch and see how many wires are behind there. If there are only 2 sets of wires then your job will be pretty easy.

You will want to hook the green or bare wire up to the green screw on the light switch. You want to make sure that your neutral wires in the box are twisted together securely. Then, one black wire will go on one of the screws on the light switch and the other black wire will go on the other screw of the light switch. After that, all you have to do is screw the light switch onto the electrical box. Turn on the circuit breaker and test your work!

If you have more than two sets of wires in the electrical box, you may see a group of black wires twisted together. There should be a pigtail coming from this that you will attach to one screw and then there should be a lone black wire in the box that you attach to the other screw.


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