Multiple Electrical Outlets Not Working


Multiple Electrical Outlets Not Working

At TVE, we have dedicated several videos to troubleshooting outlets not working. That’s because electricity is fickle and there is a lot that can go wrong in an electrical circuit. In this video, we will focus on outlets not working because of heavy electrical loads. Space heaters, workout equipment, and Christmas lights are an example of this. We probably get 100 calls each winter from outlets and electrical circuits being damaged from space heaters. A lot of times space heaters require a dedicated circuit.

So if you plug one into an existing 15 amp circuit, its only a matter of time before it causes damages. It also depends on how your electrician wired your house. If they stabbed the electrical wire into the back of the electrical receptacle instead of wrapping it around the screw then this is going to fail. Its not a matter of if, but when. The first place to start if you have your outlet go out is at the outlet itself. If you inspect the outlet and everything looks ok then head over to the electrical panel. You may have a loose connection at the breaker or the neutral bar.


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