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How To Install A Wire Into A Breaker Box


Breaker Box Wiring DIY

Watch as The Virtual Electrician explains how to properly install an electrical wire into a Breaker Box. Many DIYers get stuck at this point. This is where they call an electrician to finish their circuits. The problem is many electricians don’t like finishing a homeowners work because the liability, if something fails on that circuit, falls to them since they have a responsibility to make sure the circuit they are hooking up is wired correctly and follows the national electric code. You may be paying a premium if you do get an electrician to come out and do this work because of this extra liability.

Many homeowners and DIYers don’t like to do the panel work because of the risk of getting shocked. This video tells you how to safely insert the wire into the panel. It tells what parts of the panel are ok to touch and which parts you need to be careful around. You also want to make sure you use the proper panel bushings to protect the wire from getting nicked by metal. Securing the electrical wire close the panel is also a must to avoid future problems. One the wire is inside the panel, then you can begin hooking up the circuit. Be sure to watch our video on installing a breaker.


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