How to Install a Ceiling Fan


How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Putting together the ceiling fan is actually the easy part. If you can follow directions then simply following the directions that came with the ceiling fan should be enough to get you through this. What the directions don’t tell you is the curveballs you may run into when installing a ceiling fan.

For example, you want to make sure the fixture box where you are going to install the ceiling fan is rated for ceiling fans. If there was previously a surface mounted fixture on the j-box then the electrical box may not be rated for a fan. You want to install an electrical box that is rated for at least 70 LBs.

Other electrical problems people run into is, they don’t know which wires to hook up to the fan. This can be especially troublesome if there are many wires up in the fixture box. Make sure you pay attention to the wires the current fixture are hooked up too when you take down the fixture.


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